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Yes, So Happy. . Sinclair Programs November 1984

Yes, so happy. Finally, after looking for years. I managed to get this with a front cover intact. Sinclair Programs November 1984. I programmed Coal Collector when I was 14yrs old using Sinclair basic. I called it Percy and the Picketts; it was during… Continue Reading “Yes, So Happy. . Sinclair Programs November 1984”

Another Rubber Keyboard Wonder for the Collection

More retro for the collection, these machines are getting harder to get in good quality. Can’t beat the rubber keyboard, iconic. #RETROGAMING #RetroComputing #ZXSpectrumThought it would be wise that, although I have a few different versions of the ZX Spectrum (including the rubber one),… Continue Reading “Another Rubber Keyboard Wonder for the Collection”

Knight Lore, Ultimate Play The Game

Another Ultimate Play The Game classic to add to the collection. Still my fav game boxes #RETROGAMING #ZXSpectrum

Happy 40th ZX Spectrum

Happy 40th, ZXSpectrum, and thanks, Clive. You made such an impact on so many people’s lives. An amazing person and talent. How he changed and improved our lives, he should have lots of statues of him throughout the UK.

Retro Mags, WhSmith

I got some retro mags for a bank holiday; I even went to WH Smith’s and picked them up. I used to get my Crash and Zzap from them back in the day. Saturday would be a Bus ride to town, hanging out at… Continue Reading “Retro Mags, WhSmith”

ZX Spectrum +2 128k version

Another ZX Spectrum, this time the +2 128k version. And sneaky CRASH preview tape. #RetroComputing

Free stuff with magazines, Retro

Free stuff with magazines #RETROGAMING #RetroComputing

Central Cavern level is harder

I still say that ‘Central Cavern’ level is harder to complete than ‘The Cold Room’, ‘The Menagerie’ and the ‘Abandoned Uranium Workings’ levels. just something about the first jump on top platform arghhhh #RETROGAMING #ZXSpectrum

Robbie the robot, PSSST

Another classic, Robbie the Robot, was the first time I ever did a bit of gardening. Classic Ultimate PSSST, Ultimate Play The Game , ZX Spectrum #RETROGAMING

I am a published game developer in November 1984

I am buzzing, found the download for the magazine that I got a game published in November 1984: Sinclair Programs and amazingly a link to the game in ‘World of Spectrum’ 🙂 I am a published game developer 🙂 https://worldofspectrum.org/archive/software/games/coal-collector-sinclair-programs… https://ia903103.us.archive.org/24/items/sinclair-programs-25/SinclairPrograms25-Nov84.pdf