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INSOMNIA GAMING FESTIVAL with the boys, whilst Kat goes to Birmingham shopping 🙂NEC

Bloody loving Elden Ring

got Ultrawide screen working on, thanks to flawless widescreenit’s like Skyrim/Zelda, but with great combat. Bloody loving #EldenRing hope Bethesda and Nintendo taking note, the bar has been lifted

Horizon Forbidden West

#HorizonForbiddenWest I am enjoying it and a step up from the original. But had a few issues, stuck in the environment and had to restart, and the climbing/jumping mechanic is terrible. So frustrating. gutted really. But does look nice and lovely world created

Sony Day

Sony day today watched Uncharted movie and although I was gonna wait for the PC version. I just bought Horizon Forbidden West (ps5)

New TV unit, for consoles

Waited a while for it to be made and delivered, but very happy with the new TV unit. All consoles, boxes, cables and plugs hidden, thank you double-sided foam tape

Florin’s Haul of ZX Spectrum Games

Really looking forward to diving into this just book I just got, ‘Florin’s Haul of ZX Spectrum Games’ #Retro_Fusion

Completed DeathLoop, Great Game

Just completed #DeathLoop , a fantastic game. Thank you @ArkaneStudios and @bethesda enjoyed it so much. [note, pic not spoiler, early on in the game]

Top games that I played in 2021

Top games that I played in 2021. The first part of the year continued with the lockdown and this is the year I got into FPGA, MiSTeR project. Spent a lot of time retro gaming, ZXSpectrum, Amiga, and Arcades. I update the hardware and… Continue Reading “Top games that I played in 2021”

Language Grandma, DEATH’S DOOR

Language Grandma, playing Death Door by Acid Nerve. [Devolver Digital] Great Game

New sign for the office door

Really hope this works 🙂#MoreGamingTimeNeeded