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Xbox Live Start-Kit, Retro

Got my Xbox Live Start-Kit ready, remembering how excited I was when I got this. Played MechAssault and Unreal Championship so much @xboxuk#RETROGAMING

I am all ready for the World Cup

I am all ready for the World Cup #RETROGAMING #retrocomputingWorld Cup Carnaval, for the CBM 64/128 by U.S. Gold Limited

I just backed The Retro Hour Book

I just backed The Retro Hour Book on @KickstarterI listen to the podcast each week, so wanted to support the cast and the book does sound great. n 2015, we created The Retro Hour, a retro gaming podcast that is now listened to by millions… Continue Reading “I just backed The Retro Hour Book”

Best Immediate Sequels

I feel the best immediate sequels are Jet Set Willy, Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh, Speedball 2. A question posed by RetroGamer_Mag

Yes, So Happy. . Sinclair Programs November 1984

Yes, so happy. Finally, after looking for years. I managed to get this with a front cover intact. Sinclair Programs November 1984. I programmed Coal Collector when I was 14yrs old using Sinclair basic. I called it Percy and the Picketts; it was during… Continue Reading “Yes, So Happy. . Sinclair Programs November 1984”

Another Rubber Keyboard Wonder for the Collection

More retro for the collection, these machines are getting harder to get in good quality. Can’t beat the rubber keyboard, iconic. #RETROGAMING #RetroComputing #ZXSpectrumThought it would be wise that, although I have a few different versions of the ZX Spectrum (including the rubber one),… Continue Reading “Another Rubber Keyboard Wonder for the Collection”

Even More Old Video Game Adverts

And even more old video game adverts, ‘All monsters, articles and locations depicted to a level of detail that pushes SPECTRUM graphics to the limit’ #RetroComputing #Retrogaming

More Old Video Game Adverts

Some more old video game adverts, ‘What the real critics say….’ Classic #RetroComputing #Retrogaming

Old video game adverts

Something about old video game adverts just makes me smile. They are so great #RetroComputing #Retrogaming


astrowars is a classic, and i think was the 2nd tabletop i had. i have a couple. here is a pic of one of them answering this from toz;‘So gone through a bit of retro console YouTubing this morning. Found an Astro wars tabletop,… Continue Reading “Astrowars”