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MAYFLASH F500 Modded

I Modded a MAYFLASH F500 arcade stick with some Sanwa buttons and a joystick stick, to use across my retro collection and Mister. Feels great #RETROGAMING #retrocomputing

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Retro Boxes

Whilst looking for my spectrum and Amiga stuff, had to move these boxes. One day I will actually get time to go through these games #RETROGAMING

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Central Cavern level is harder

I still say that ‘Central Cavern’ level is harder to complete than ‘The Cold Room’, ‘The Menagerie’ and the ‘Abandoned Uranium Workings’ levels. just something about the first jump on…

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Bloody loving Elden Ring

got Ultrawide screen working on, thanks to flawless widescreenit’s like Skyrim/Zelda, but with great combat. Bloody loving #EldenRing hope Bethesda and Nintendo taking note, the bar has been lifted

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Horizon Forbidden West

#HorizonForbiddenWest I am enjoying it and a step up from the original. But had a few issues, stuck in the environment and had to restart, and the climbing/jumping mechanic is…

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Sony Day

Sony day today watched Uncharted movie and although I was gonna wait for the PC version. I just bought Horizon Forbidden West (ps5)

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Uncharted Movie

Just watched Uncharted the movie (Luke. Isaac, Kat), we all enjoyed it. Went quick (always a good sign). Would have been nice to see Nathan play a part though #UnchartedMovie

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