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Video games have the power to transport me back in time, bringing back fantastic memories, experiences with amazing people. I still get lost in their worlds, their stories.

For me it all started with getting a ‘Grandstand Astro Wars’ for Christmas 1981, then 1982 pestering my Mum and Dad for months ‘I needed a ZX Spectrum for Christmas’. Now many yrs later convincing myself and family how I need an arcade machine at home, how we don’t need a dining room and that its better as a video gaming room. Nothing has changed, I still cannot get enough of video games.

Unfortunately I never kept hold of my games or machines, giving them away as I moved onto the new shiny box. Maybe it’s my age, or me wanting to share some of my past gaming gems with my children but since 2009 I have begun to collect the gems from gaming past.

I don’t mind the condition of the item, as long as it plays fine. I like to try to play the game as it was first experienced, I even learnt basic electronics so that I could fix a CRT screen (scary moment that first time I discharged an arcade monitor). I try to attach the machines to newer media in which to load the software from. This way, I get to play the game with the actual hardware, yet don’t need to worry about degrading media and having to store them within easy reach somewhere. i.e. attaching IDE interface to a ZXSpectrum and using SD memory card on a Atari 2600.

I spread my gaming time across current generationretro and arcade gaming; I am also into the history of gaming, the people behind the games and industry which has always being there for me. I try to make sure that the machines are connected, and therefore easy to just switch on and play.

I have started this blog to document my collection and passion for video gaming.

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Enjoy what you do?
If not
Just stop!
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People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours

When you grow up, your heart dies
Who cares?
I care

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