Office, Mame Arcade Machine, PC Gaming Room 2012 -Video

Video of the Office, Mame Arcade Machine, PC Gaming room which holds a mixed bag of gaming goodies. Lots of software/games shelving,  my Mame Arcade Machine, selection of Retro Gaming Machines and my Gaming PC. I have even installed a disco ball to give us that arcade feeling

The whole family use the room to play on the Arcade Machine which is popular with everyone, in addition I use it for the PC. Current Favourite Arcade Games;

  • The girls are Puzzle Bobble, The Simpsons, Pacman
  • My son’s is everything, but mainly Burger Time, Paperboy, Puzzle Bobble, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes
  • My wife’s is are Paperboy and Wonderbuy
  • Mine are Gyruss, Kung-fu Master, Galaga ’88, Metal Slug X, Moon Cresta, Pac-Land, Smash TV, Terra Cresta, Track & Field, Thunder Dragon 2

The Mame Arcade machine is the best toy I have gotten in the last few years, and when I get more cabinets than this will be put into the Garage/Arcade Conversion (a few yrs away though).

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